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The scope of activities was decided by Swami Dayanand Sarswati during his life time. His will , called Sweekar Patra included following types of activities:

1. To do regular efforts for printing and publishing , studying and teaching , and learning and preaching of Vedas and all Veda based literature.

2. To prepare teachers and preachers to propagate the preaching and philosophy of Vedas and Vedic religion all over the world to help people in accepting the truth and getting rid of misguided beliefs.

3. To help, maintain and educate poor countrymen.

4. To work towards improving the lives of our less fortunate country men.

Based on these guidelines Paropkarini Sabha is doing the following activities:

1. Sabha is maintaining Vedic Yantralaya which undertakes printing and publishing of Vedas and Vedic literature on no profit basis.

2. Sabha runs Research Centre on Vedas, which is supported by a well - stocked library, rare collection of books and highly qualified faculty.

3. Running a Gurukul of students from different parts of India, educating them to become preachers of Vedas and Vedic literature. Best residential facilities, best faculty and quality food is made available to these students free of charge.

4. Sabha has made  a building to accommodate Sanyasis and vaanprasthis who stay here for long periods to enhance their knowledge and to attain higher levels.

5. Sabha has built a guest house with comfortable but free lodging facilities for the guests who visit from all over the world.

6. Sabha is the authorized keeper of hand written documents of Swami Dayanand , which includes the original final draft of his great book Satyarthprakash.

7. Sabha exhibits all the personal belongings of Swamiji in a Sangrahalaya.

8. To propagate the Vedic message Sabha publishes a fortnightly magazine called Paropkari, which is circulated all over the world.

9.  Daily discourses on Vedas and Vedic philosophy are uploaded on Internet as audio files making it available all over the world.

10.  A detailed website called is on Internet, which is accessed by people all over the world.

11.  Poor children are imparted vedic education free of charge, alongwith free food and all other facilities. To finance these activities Sabha runs a program called Atithi Yagya.

12.  To support the main objectives Sabha maintains free food kitchen, Gaushala, Vyayamshala etc.

13.  Daily Yagya and Pravachan is a daily ritual in the Sabha; all guests also join the yagya. Gurukul students residing in the campus join the yagya everyday. There are Vedic discourses after the yagya.

14. Sabha organizes an annual event called Rishi Mela to commemorate Swami Dayanand Sarswati’s Balidaan as Balidaan Divas. Thousands of people gather in the campus of Sabha for 3 days. There are busy schedules right from morning to evening of Havan, Discourses, Yoga, performances by Arya Veer Dal etc. Scholars and Bhajan singers from all over the country come here to address the massive audience. A book fair of Vedic literature is also organized during this event.

You can be a part of our Sabha by contributing money for any of our activities.

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